File Release Notes
File gedcom4j-2.1.0.jar

This release adds support for custom tags, removes the use of temporary files (so it can be used in applets and Java Web Start applications), and fixes a problem with the Last-Name-First comparator.

File gedcom4j-2.0.0.jar

Source retrieved from Github now. Packages have been renamed from com.mattharrah.gedcom4j to org.gedcom4j, since gedcom4j now has a domain.

File gedcom4j-1.0.0.jar

Includes new convenience method on Individual for finding IndividualAttributes of a given type. Also includes a toString() implementation on IndividualAttribute. Finally, bumped the version number to out-of-beta.

File gedcom4j-0.9.7b.jar

Includes fix for issue where whitespace was not being correctly processed in CONC/CONT lines

File gedcom4j-0.9.6b.jar

Includes fix where file encodings weren't working correctly (most noticeably for ANSEL files)

File gedcom4j-0.9.5b.jar

Includes fix where CONC/CONT tags were not processed correctly

File gedcom4j-0.9.4b.jar

Major release, includes several bug fixes and enhancements.

  • Ability to write GEDCOM files
  • Added javadoc
  • Fixed processing of Submission records
  • Fixed cardinality on source call numbers
  • Fixed Note parsing and missed elements
  • Fixed Association parsing
  • Fixed where LDS Spouse Sealings, RepositoryCitations, and Events for source data were not being loaded into object graph
  • Removed redundant Transmission object in Header
  • Unused field in Individual removed
  • Corrected parsing of registered file number for Repositories