File Release Notes
File gedcom4j-2.2.0.jar

The main goal of this release was to convert the build system from Ant to Maven. Additionally, support for JDK5 was dropped and now JDK6 is the minimum version of Java supported. There were also a few minor corrections to the Javadoc, mostly around the HTML tag nesting.

File gedcom4j-2.1.9.jar

This release fixes issue 64, where the parser was being too strict and rejecting GEDCOM files that contained completely blank lines. Thanks to Baptiste Fontaine for reporting the bug.

File gedcom4j-2.1.8.jar

This release fixes issue 63, where individuals were not loading correctly if their INDI record appeared in the GEDCOM file after being referenced in a FAMS record earlier in the file. Thanks to PeWu for reporting the bug.

File gedcom4j-2.1.7.jar

This release fixes issue 62, so that rather than simply ignoring them, the parser imports and retains the values of the non-standard descriptions on event tags that Family Tree Maker and other tools commonly write to GEDCOM files. Although the parser now loads these descriptions into the description field on the event, the validator will complain about these values when validation is run (such as during a write operation). This means that a GEDCOM file containing these non-compliant description values on event tags will need to either remove them, or move them to another location (such as a Note) prior to writing the data. Alternatively, the developer can suppress validation in the writer, which will result in the description fields just being ignored and not written to the output file.

File gedcom4j-2.1.6.jar

This release fixes issue 60 (which dealt with infinite recursion on StringTrees for hashCode and equals).

This release also adds a feature where unknown tags in a GEDCOM file that do not begin with underscores can optionally be loaded as non-standard custom tags rather than being discarded as errors (see issue 61).

Thanks to BertKoor for reporting and effectively solving the infinite recursion bug, and for suggesting more lenient parsing for non-standard tags.

File gedcom4j-2.1.5.jar

This release fixes issue 57, which deals with leading whitespace on lines of GEDCOM files. The 5.5 spec states that when writing GEDCOM files, the lines should not contain leading whitespace. However, some tools don't implement this correctly and indent their lines of text.

But the 5.5 spec also says that tools should ignore any leading spaces that might be there, so this fix addresses that requirement. Thanks to vramdal for reporting the issue and digging into the cause.

File gedcom4j-2.1.4.jar

Includes fix for Issue 53, which was a problem with encoding of special characters like a's with umlauts (ä) in UTF-8 encoded files. Many thanks to Max Gensthaler for reporting the issue and submitting a patch.

Also includes a fix for issue 52 in which an inadvertently cyclical relationship (a person being an ancestor of himself due to bad data) could cause infinite recursion and a stack overflow.

File gedcom4j-2.1.3.jar

Includes patch for supporting embedded multimedia links (OBJE tags) under sources-with-citations (SOUR tags).
Thanks to Fredrik Kjellberg for the patch.

File gedcom4j-2.1.2.jar

Includes validation framework for checking your GEDCOM structure for compliance to the standard. This will help you write files that are more likely to be successfully read by other programs.

File gedcom4j-2.1.1.jar

Minor release, includes improvements to relationship calculations.