Here are a number of resources that have been useful or helpful during the development of gedcom4j. Thanks to all of them for their services and assistance and for making information readily availabile.

Applications using gedcom4j

  • gedantic - the "official" demonstration site for gedcom4j, which allows you to upload a GEDCOM file and find anomalies and items suggesting more research.
  • Facetree - an application that cross-references photographs to genealogical data
  • Genealogy Assistance Programme - a desktop application in German and English.
  • Gliesians - a site by Robert Liguori, co-author of O'Reilly's Java 8 Pocket Guide, with some genealogy utilities (among other things) using gedcom4j and JSF
  • Genealogy : GEDCOM viewer - An interactive family tree viewer for Android
  • KinsMap - An interactive family tree viewer for Android with some novel and interesting visualizations and diagrams