v3.2.0 is a minor release with a number of backward-compatible API changes for bug fixes and enhancements.

  • No issue numbers, but changed:
    • Minimum language level is now Java 7. Much code has been refactored to reflect this and to begin using Java 7 idioms.
    • Refactoring to use getters/setters throughout code (including tests) instead of direct field access, now that javabeans are the norm since 3.0.0
    • Merging in work from contributor Mark Sikes to introduce some new mix-in-like classes into the model, and to pull up common methods into the intermediate classes, to reduce repeated code and position for better validation
  • Issue #122 - Created IndividualFactory class to make creation of Individuals easy
  • Issue #123 - Created FamilyFactory class to make creation of Families easy and ensuring proper relationship connections between model objects
  • Issue #127 - Enhanced the Finder class to allow searching for individuals by events in a date range
  • Issue #130 - Fixed usage of AbstractNameVariation and created the PlaceNameVariation class for romanized/phonetic variants of place names.
  • Issue #132 - Introduced a number of superclasses and refactored cut-and-pasted code into them to reduce redundancy.
  • Issue #134 - Implemented Soundex algorithm and added to Finder so you can find people with names that sound like another name without needing exact spelling