About Us

What is gedcom4j?

gedcom4j is an open-source, free-to-use java library for inclusion in other applications.

What are the license terms?

gedcom4j is published under the MIT License and can be used in your application (open or closed, commercial or non-commercial) provided that the terms of the MIT License are adhered to (inclusion of the gedcom4j copyright notice and license in your distribution).

Where is the source code and issues log?

The source code and issues log are at Github.

Who's behind all this?

Matthew R. Harrah
4209 Rivercliff Cres E.
Suffolk VA 23435-1341
United States

Email: matt@gedcom4j.org

What are your privacy practices?

Please see our privacy policy.

Who is your liability insurer?

Under the terms of the MIT license you agree to hold the copyright holder free of any liability or damages. This endeavor is not being run as a company or for profit.