gedcom4j is an open-source, free-to-use Java library for loading (parsing) and saving GEDCOM 5.5 or 5.5.1 files to/from a Java object hierarchy, which can be manipulated by your code as you see fit.

Please note that gedcom4j is not an application. It is a library (jar file) that can parse, manipulate, and write genealogy data using the GEDCOM format in your own Java programs.


13 Mar 2014 - v2.1.6 available

v2.1.6 of gedcom4j is available in the downloads section of this site, and on Maven Central.

This release fixes an issue where you could run into infinite recursion when using hashCode() on a StringTree, which would result in a StackOverflowError.

This release also adds a feature where unknown tags in a GEDCOM file that do not begin with underscores can optionally be loaded as non-standard custom tags rather than being discarded as errors.

Thanks to BertKoor for reporting and effectively solving the infinite recursion bug, and for suggesting more lenient parsing for non-standard tags.

7 Oct 2013 - v2.1.5 available

v2.1.5 of gedcom4j is available in the downloads section. This release fixes an issue in parsing files that have leading whitespace on lines. The spec says to ignore leading whitespaces on lines when reading, even though the spec also says not to put leading whitespace on lines when writing.

The upshot of this is that gedcom4j is now more compliant to the spec and is more forgiving when working with files from tools that don't strictly adhere to the spec.

14 Jun 2013 - v2.1.4 available

v2.1.4 of gedcom4j is available in the downloads section of the site. This version includes a fix for encoding special characters like a's with umlauts (ä) for UTF-8 encoded files. Thanks to Max Gensthaler for the patch.

It also includes a fix for dealing robustly with an inadvertently cyclical relationship (a person being an ancestor of himself due to bad data), which could cause infinite recursion and a stack overflow.

We're on Maven Central

For you Apache Maven fans out there, gedcom4j is in the Maven Central Repository.

Building from Source

Minimum Requirement: JDK 5 or later

Requirements/recommendations for building the software from source code:

  • ANT 1.7 or later
  • Eclipse (recommended, not required)


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